Church of the Virgin Most Pure

College Square, 16th – 17th century

Designed by the architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni at the end of the XVI Century, it stands on the ruins of the ancient palace of the Donoratico’s as headquarters of the Jesuit order and expresses the language of Counter-Reformation churches modelled after Jacopo Vignola’s Church of Jesus. On the pediment, we find a coat of arms, probably belonging to Father Salvador Serra, the founder of the Sulcis boarding school, and a broken tympanum hosting the coat of arms of the Jesuit company; to the left we have the belfry. The inside of the church has a classroom-shape plan, with three chapels on each side and a barrel-vaulted covering. The Baroque-like decorative motives of the chapels postdate 1774, when the Jesuits left the city and the church came to be run by the bishop.

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